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Apparel Management

Phoenix Consulting - is a leading provider of laundry and linen management services.

We specialize in providing specialty laundry and linen management solutions to major corporations. Our solutions include expertly laundered linens, uniforms, and workwear making us a one-stop shop for all your linen, uniform, and other apparel management needs.

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Hemp Consulting

Hemp Consulting: Rising Technologies through its partners supports research and advises governments on the regulation and cultivation of Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis.


We have a vast network of scientists across the globe who work in fields as diverse as Bio-fertilizers to AI.

If you have an idea to change the world, or need guidance across these disciplines, talk to us.

Specialized Consulting 

End-to-end planning, implementation, and evaluation helping clients in various domains. 

To guide our approach we rely on best practices from EOS Worldwide and the Rockefeller Habits which now form the basis of our Management System we call the Rising Way!!  

The Rising Way is a management system we've adapted from the world-renowned EOS Management System which is a unique arrangement and pursuit of certain critical elements inside any business.

So If you have a great vision, but are not sure of a well-defined path that’ can get you there or feel stuck in any phase of implementation, please contact us to see how we help you become successful.

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