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  • Zulfikar Dhanse

Latest Research on ReadON

Orange Neurosciences, the developer of from Canada has released a Research Publication demonstrating impacts of Computer Assisted Cognitive Retraining ( CACR ) in school-going children was the subject of recent research by Ph.D. Scholar Gargi Bansal and Dr. Anand Singh, Head of Department of Psychology and Mental Health, Gautam Buddha University India, on their study published in the International Journal of Studies in psychology.

This randomized control trial included sixty school-going bilingual learner's in the age group of 8-10 years divided into two groups experimental and control. ReadON, a digital therapy for Cognitive Remediation, was used to evaluate the effectiveness of Computer Assisted Cognitive Retraining (CACR ).

This study included students with no learning difficulties tested by DTLD and with average or above average IQ. The study showed a significant increase in the experimental group's mean scores for reading fluency, copying and dictation compared to counterparts in the controlled group. Game-based exercises in ReadON are beneficial in Cognitive Skill Training for students.

You can email to get a full copy of the research paper.

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