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  • Zulfikar Dhanse

Hello World!! Greetings from ReadON!!

Hello World. Greetings from ReadON!!

Hello world, we are officially launching our first blog post as ReadON Arabia. We aim to inspire, educate and celebrate Parents, Therapists, Teachers, Doctors, and People of Determination from all walks of life who are basically superheroes in disguise. But first, as in life and so as in business, we start from within. Who are we? Our Values Help First – We First seek to help by adding value before Revenue. Grow or Die - We use Learning as our fuel to grow OR we are dying. Open-Minded – We are wildly curious and open to new approaches. Humbly Confident – We know who we are and who we are not. We Do What We Say!! – We are true to our Word!! We are Transforming Lives by Improving Reading and Cognitive Skills. We are helping Students, Parents, Schools, SEN Schools and Therapists be better equipped. Though we serve a vast ecosystem of students, children with special needs, therapists, parents, Doctors and teachers, they all have a few things in common. They are people who are open-minded, respectful, appreciative, growth-oriented, frustrated, open to trying new approaches, want help and are willing to be open and honest.

And that's why we celebrate them every day!

One more thing... There is one more thing common in the people we are trying to help. They all have a supercomputer called the "Brain".

No matter their condition, it all happens in the Brain! Hence we are lovers of the Brain and became advocates of its amazing ability to transform at any age. More on that later.

Meanwhile, our first series of articles will aim to serve as a guide to Special Education and shall give you scoops on learning tools to reduce costs and increase success!!

You will also hear from the numerous parents, therapists, and even children themselves about how ReadON helped transform their lives.

You will hear from special educators and brain scientists about how breakthroughs are being achieved by harnessing the power of Neuroplasticity!!

This and so much more. Stay Tuned.

Until then, shine on, keep inspiring and do your tireless work. You are our Super Hero. ReadON!! Literally.

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